The Importance of Handling Dashboard Warning Lights

When driving around Cheyenne, your vehicle will occasionally activate a light that seems foreign to the operator. Most of these lights will be triggered when the vehicle senses a vital maintenance need. A few of these indicator lights are:

Coolant Temp Warning: This light is recognized as a thermostat that is floating in a fluid. This light appears when the vehicle is operating at a much higher temperature than normal. The best solution would be to pull over if possible, wait until the vehicle cools off, and top off the radiator.
Brake System: This light is identified as an exclamation point with a circle around it. Normally this light means one of three things: a problem with the braking system, the brake fluid is low, or a problem with the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System). See our specialists for this light.
Oil Pressure Warning: If this light appears on the dash, it means the vehicle has low oil pressure, indicating that it could be low on oil. The best solution would be to pull over and check the oil level.

At Cowboy Dodge, we have a certified team who will diagnose why, for example, your vehicle is low on oil. If you are unable to top of the oil or radiator yourself, we will take care of it for you.

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